"Our son has played for Coach Reese and the XPRESS for the past 4 years. During this time we have witnessed not only solid development in our son as a player, but an education on sportsmanship and teamwork. Coach Reese has a passion for the game and teaching. The kids develop their skills individually and collectively, and that is what makes the organization successful. Our teams are competitive, but discipline, respect, and effort are the most important characteristics instilled in the players.  It’s nice to win, but how you represent yourself, your team, and the organization will not be sacrificed.  In addition, the management of the club is the best we have ever witnessed.  Having older children in club sports, we have seen organizations that are poorly run, with poor communication, constant last minute changes in schedules, locations, and teams, and focused on making money, not teaching kids. With XPRESS, it is all about consistency on and off the court."

John T. - Frisco, TX

"We have thoroughly enjoyed becoming a member of the XPRESS family this season. After a few seasons of intense battles from the opposite sideline, my respect for Coach Reese and his knowledge of the game has increased exponentially. It is one thing to know the game and another to be able to teach it. The time and dedication Coach puts into developing his players can be seen every time this group of guys hits the court. Camden has definitely benefitted from playing under Coach Reese, as well as playing with such a great group of young players who will only continue to improve their game in the XPRESS Basketball program."

Gerald H. - Frisco, TX

"We've had the pleasure of our son playing for coach Mike for a few years now and feel blessed to have a coach who not only knows the game but is incredibly patient in developing the kids skills. His passion and respect for the game is infectious, and although the boys play with a strong competitive aggressiveness, they always respect their opponent and appreciate what they have. We're fortunate to have had the opportunity for our son to play with the XPRESS and look forward to many more years with all of these great kids and parents!"

Denny P. - Frisco, TX

"We have been part of the XPRESS family for over a year now and it has been a wonderful experience! We have seen an improvement in our son’s basketball skills and he has been challenged with playing a much more competitive game. The weekly skill sessions offered by XPRESS in addition to the practices provide an opportunity to learn new skills as well as sharpen current skills. The communications and support through the XPRESS website and TeamSnap ensure all parents are fully informed and updated. The coaching team at XPRESS is incredibly talented and willing to work and develop players to the best of their abilities. If you are looking for a basketball organization where your son can learn, develop, and be motivated to excel – then XPRESS is the basketball family for you!"

Greg & Joy P. - Plano, TX

"After playing numerous games against XPRESS and losing some close games, it was evident that coaching was the major difference even at the 5th grade level. We were very happy when Coach Reese asked our son to play in a tournament and eventually play on a league and tournament team. Our son has enjoyed the 3 seasons with XPRESS and has learned various offensive schemes and made friends outside of his school. The XPRESS coaching staff stresses fundamentals, skills, and teamwork rather than individual play which will prepare the kids for middle school and maybe even high school basketball."

Tim H. - Plano, TX

"Mike runs an excellent program, balancing competitiveness and player development. His drill-oriented practices and focus on the fundamentals deliver excellent results on the court. Above all, my son enjoys playing for Mike, and his love of basketball has grown under Mike’s mentorship.”

Jim M. - Frisco, TX

"We feel very fortunate to have found an organization to play basketball with that strives to teach kids and not just win games. The parents and boys are all supportive of each other and the boys continue to grow in skills and confidence because of this. Coach Mike Reese promotes a self reflective, supportive, and positive environment that allows players to succeed. We have played with other clubs over the years but the family friendly environment that we found with XPRESS is hard to beat."

Lauren F. - Frisco, TX

"Playing for Mike Reese, and his coaches at XPRESS was a positive experience for our son. During his first season with XPRESS his ability improved, and his confidence increased. The coaches at XPRESS demonstrate strong character and do things the right way. We especially appreciated their ability to teach during the game, as well as practice. They recognized good play on the court, and used mistakes as teaching moments. It’s amazing how much improvement a young player makes when he is shown the right way to execute, rather than admonished for a mistake he already wishes he did not commit. Playing with XPRESS was a terrific experience for our son."

Kirk M. - The Colony, TX